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Street Football Association

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Panna Italia

Panna Italia is an association founded in Turin in 2018 created to expand the discipline of panna and street football in Italy correctly. 

We are a very diverse team made up of people from all over Italy who are increasingly expanding, made up of enthusiasts and professional athletes of this sport.

Panna Italia is member of the World Street Football Federation together with all the most important organizations of this sport in the world.

What we do

Street Football School

Combine the practice of sports with the identification and enhancement of soft skills it also introduces a strongly educational approach to the world of sport. this approach is imported from A.S.D. Panna Italia after meeting European experiences capable of use sport as a training tool for integration and after having tested it in others planning in the Turin area. Like all “street” activities it is a path open to all, without gender and age limits. It is self-learning, where
the educator stands as equals in the comparisons of those who approach the discipline, alternating challenges, performances and real ones training sessions.
The game mode includes a strong approach linked to fair play, respect for the rules and of the opponent, in addition allows during the activity the dialogue and mutual advice between the participants. The Activity requires a short but intense physical effort, a specific technique that is developed by the reference sports educator but with an open access level for all.


The Panna Italia association offers the possibility to intervene also through workshops both in football / sports contexts both in wider recreational / recreational contexts. Our instructors yes will strive to improve technical skills through a specific plan agreed together to coaches and managers. During the activities will be used professional structures, dedicated not only to learning but also to fun, which is the basis of our activities.

Birthaday Parties

Are your kids crazy about football and would you like to give them a dream afternoon together with a
master of ball fun? no problem, because we will arrive with music, balls and even with an arena where they can stay and practice inside!


Are you looking for the right event to enhance your brand or entertainment to give your initiative some dynamism? Well … the main, most prestigious and most performing activity of our team is definitely the
realization of events. In these contexts our specialists can give their utmost freedom to their sports and entertainment skills
leaving literally everyone speechless!


A ball, two small goals in a circular or polygonal cage; a one-on-one match without interruption, in which the winner is the one who scores the most goals in three minutes or who manages to do a "tunnel" to the opponent. It's called "panna", it's a game born in Suriname in the early 2000s, developed in Holland and increasingly widespread throughout the world with different names depending on the country. A close relative of street football, in which, however, the teams are made up of several players and face each other on different fields, it is a game that lends itself to competitions or simple entertainment, decidedly intuitive and easily achievable. A ball and a certain amount of imagination are enough to "invent" the way to pull the ball between the opponent's legs. This is why Michele Amerio Donà does not teach children how to score a goal, but rather how to surprise them with the tunnel; this is enough to win a game, even to those who are at a disadvantage in the score.


Where we are

Via Lanino 3/a, 10152 Torino